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My family started in the spring of 2005, when I married my husband, Chris.  We were surprised by our first pregnancy a few short months later, and welcomed a son into our lives the following May.  Two years after that, our second son was born, and our family was complete.  Together, we have built a life here in Gillette, where we have a bit of property just big enough to house a chicken coop with some hens, a few bee hives and a couple garden spaces.  We love to spend our time outside, and have made the streams, valleys, and vistas of the Big Horn Mountains our very own playground. I love being a wife and mama, and want to share that love with the families I work with!  

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According to the World Health Organization, "breastfeeding education is effective in increasing both the rate of breastfeeding initiation and breastfeeding duration."

Prenatal breastfeeding classes are offered in group and private settings.

Postpartum Consultation

Back to Work

This is your opportunity to dig deep into how breastfeeding is REALLY going!

Is your little one getting enough? Are latch and position ideal for the effective transfer of milk? Is baby gaining enough weight and pooping enough?

And how is mama managing this big new thing in her life?

Returning to work doesn't mean your breastfeeding relationship is over.

Let's talk!

Make your return to work as easy as possible by knowing what to expect and how you can prepare for it. You got this mama!



Just last month my daughter turned one, which marked a full year of breastfeeding for us, and we are still going strong! We were presented with many struggles in the first few months after my return to work, I will forever be grateful for all that Hannah did to help us. She EMPOWERED me with the knowledge she shared, and it changed the trajectory of our breastfeeding journey! This is Hannah's gift in this world; she is passionate about it, and I am so excited that she is sharing it with other women and their babies! Hannah made a difference in our lives, and will make a difference in other women's lives, as well!

TFT Office.jpg Office of the Fourth Trimester Lactation consulting in Gillette Wyoming.  Breast Feeding.
DSC07766-2.jpg Breastfeeding educational classes.  Gillette Wyoming

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